Back to the city, eager to play :)

Back to the city, eager to play :)

I must confess that I love my long annual vacations to Thailand – I really need these! Being a full time Domme and a skydiver is fun but stressful. This spring was rather overwhelming for me, I felt very uplifted but eventually drained. It got particularly difficult in May as I started skydiving in the morning and sessioning later in the day… At some point I decided to trade everything for yoga in Thailand. Yes, just yoga and nothing else. Many of you would think that yoga must be boring for someone like me. However, I must say that going inward can be as exciting as seeking external adventures. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating!

I finally got back home, rejuvenated and inspired, ready to celebrate my 27th birthday! BTW, it’s on July 2nd, I’m cancerian 🙂
I was happy to see some of my regulars, can’t wait to see others, and looking forward to meet new kinksters 🙂
Wishing you all a great (and kinky) summer!

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