Out of Africa

imageI’m feeling extremely lucky this year for all these opportunities to travel and explore. This time I visited South Africa and Namibia. It was simply amazing. Beautiful landscapes, cute (and scary) animals, wild people, camp fires, 4?4 dune driving, skydiving, enjoying lots of good wine and watching stars at night…. And even some kinky paddling with a rib of a wilderbeast! šŸ˜‰
I particularly enjoyed exploring wildlife. I think I identify myself with leopards and cheetahs. I found them inspiring for their being both adorable kitties and merciless killers at the same time. They would tear to pieces anyone invading their territory. But check out this picture above: It’s a female cheetah licking her boyfriend’s ear. I took this picture last week and I keep finding myself staring at it with adoration – all I want is to cuddle those cheetahs to death! šŸ™‚

I must admit that my life would not be so adventurous without the support of my submissives. Kinksters, you’ve contributed very positively to my world! Thanks to you, all my dreams are coming true. Your money is being spent in much more awesome way than you could do it yourself.

I’m feeling grateful, rejuvenated, and inspired to do more sessions soon.
Till then, send gifts to your Mistress!

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