Ultimate surrender play and goddess worship explained

What is Ultimate Surrender Play? Is it a radical form of domination? All or nothing? It is shadow work – a deep transformational journey into the human psyche? Torture and humiliation? All of these might be true. Or they might not. What Ultimate Surrender always is, however, is an elusive state of flow. It is the same state that athletes, yogis and artists speak of when they say that they are “in the zone”. Therefore, when one fully surrenders, one surrenders not so much to me–I am but the vehicle–but rather to this state of being. It is a state that lends the submissive a feeling of complete dedication to a power other than (and greater than) their habitual self. By allowing them to temporarily escape their personality’s conditioning, to worship something other than themselves and their surface urges, Ultimate Surrender Play allows the submissive to find true release.

The craft of Domination has grown out of spiritual rituals that involved the worship of a powerful Goddess to whom men brought offerings of devotion. And yet, when you play with me, the Goddess you see in my is partly of your own creation. The bridge of commonality between us is what creates this state of flow, in which our different life experiences weave together to create a cohesive whole. Ultimately, Surrender Play is not about one’s being a service top or a service bottom. Rather, it is about being of service.

Worship is the opposite of objectification. This might be counterintuitive, but it is so. Worship is not an opportunity to explore your turn-ons and my role is not to play your fantasy version of a Goddess. If this were the case, you’d hardly need me. What I am here for is to be sensitive to the moment, for it is the moment in which the ultimate truth of what you need is revealed. With every step, we discover together where our erotic wiring naturally overlaps and we play in these zones. Therefore, just as I am dominating in order to give you what you need, you are serving to give, not serving to take.

For you to have the space to drink in that which you truly need, you must be empty. Empty of the fears, stories, experiences, thoughts, and desires that fill your mind and body. You are too full. We all walk around filled to the brim with internal noise. In order to take in something of value, we need to make space for it. I need to empty you out and my power source is conscious awareness. I love that special moment of not knowing. It feels like making art: taking the raw materials of the situation, the tools, the person, and creating an outcome that takes one’s breath away. You show up without any expectations, intending to enter into the service of a superior Goddess. You are naked and kneeling. You hear the sound of my high heels as I approach you from behind and gently blindfold you. The ritual has begun.

I first direct our attention to our breath and to our bodies while resting in stillness. Expanding our awareness in this way, we are able to tune into a more subtle flow within our bodies. I begin to feel my way in order to tune into you and direct this flow while verbally guiding you to empty out. Empty out from past, present, and future ideas, expectations and judgements. Empty out from your habitual identity (after it all, this is not what you came here to explore). In order to do this, I might choose to use a tool, such as my rope, to emphasize your being at My mercy. Allowing you to hear me, breathe me, feel my gentle touch, I guide you into a meditative place of erotic flow, and from this point of tranquility and emptiness, I’m ready to start instructing you on how to serve Me.

Quite possibly it will sensual, but it may be strict. It can be rather playful, or humiliating. I can talk a lot or choose to keep our session quiet. Our play might include: ritualistic body worship, queening, objectification, human furniture, chastity play, slave training, face sitting, bathtub rituals, golden showers, smothering, sensual tantric worship, restraints, rewards, punishments, orgasm control, confessions, or any combination thereof. This is a very special, intimate and beautiful type of ritual play that I share with genuine worshippers who become living sacrifices on my Goddess altar.

But I must warn you: you can’t fake it. I will feel immediately if you are unconsciously and greedily making our play all about your own needs instead of mine, ours. And I can promise you that this will not be a rewarding experience. Only by letting go completely will you experience the mystery that the state of Ultimate Surrender offers.

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