Staying in touch

As many of you are bummed that I'm gone, I thought of suggesting a few ways to stay in touch. I have no problem with receiving emails and even phone calls during my vacation, as I'm having so much spare time, living stress-free. As I already received many emails and comments from those of you who... Continue Reading →

Clips4sale review

I was writing this email to share some feedback with you with respect to some of the videos you have released on your clips4sale store over the past several months. While i have been thoroughly enjoying the spectacular content you have been releasing on your store on a regular basis, the clips you post featuring... Continue Reading →

Review from a new slave

You were wonderful, best session of my life. Your only fourth pro Dom I have seen. I have had some extensive relationships with some amateurs. ( Girls I met that I saw, 8 - 12 times each various shopping sprees and sessions) I was kind of 'topping from the bottom" I think with them. I... Continue Reading →


As many of you know, I've been drawn to experiment with latex, and I love it! I couldn't imagine myself looking so hot in that second skin, and what really matters is the way it feels... When it came to wearing a catsuit, I must admit that it took me a bit of time to... Continue Reading →

Letter from my pet

I wanted to thank you for another perfect session and share a few thoughts regarding our times together to date. From our very first session together to our last, you have carefully pushed my limits, helped me explore new fantasies, and experience things that I have only ever dreamed of. There are several things that... Continue Reading →

Scarlet, a very lovely lady from Eastern Europe is training to be a Domme. Would you like to have a 2 for 1 session with us? Hurry up before she is on her own! She can participate in my session sometime from today until next week.

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