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A Dominatrix (plural Dominatrixes or Dominatrices) or Mistress is a woman who takes the dominant role in bondage, discipline (in the sexual-fetish sense of the word) and sadomasochism, or BDSM.
The capitalization of the first letter of Dominatrix is a formal convention used to convey respect and authority, and common forms of address for a submissive to a Dominatrix are “Mistress”, “Maîtresse”, “Herrin”, and “Lady”.(Read On…)

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‘I’ve Been a Professional Dominatrix for 6 Years—Here’s What It’s Like’

Renee Trevi, 30, has a masters in business administration and loves adventure sports (she’s skydived 1,180 times!). She’s also a professional dominatrix living in New York City, who quit her job in finance over six years ago for BDSM-filled business hours. She’s friendly, calm, and smart—she just has a thing for cock and ball torture. Here’s what it’s like to be her:(Find out!)

Domi Doll of the Month – November – Ms Renee Trevi
Domi Doll of the Month – November

Renee Trevi is a professional dominatrix based in NYC. She is also an adrenaline junkie and a world traveler, which means that when she is not in the city, she can be found skydiving, BASE jumping or even shark diving anywhere around the world! From childhood Renee’s life has been characterized by adventure, flirtation with danger, and desire for radical self-expression. However, since she grew up in a small Russian province, she was quite limited in her options and forced to follow a conventional lifestyle. When she was 18, she visited US, found it to be her perfect playground and decided to experience the fullness of life in all dimensions.(Read On…)

Manhattan dominatrix with an MBA
Manhattan dominatrix with an MBA

Looking for a spanking in Midtown on your lunch break? Yup, she’ll do that. And Ms. Renee Trevi, a 27-year-old Russian immigrant working as a dominatrix in Manhattan, has an MBA to boot. It wasn’t always her calling, but she revealed it is certainly more exciting line of work when she lifted the lid on her career on the kink scene and one particular public session that began at a restaurant in Manhattan. Renee, not her real name, made the move to America when she was 18-years-old and eventually got her MBA but ditched a $50 an hour job in finance to make $300 an hour whipping men.(Read On…)

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