Bodhi Zapha – Inner Slut

February 2019, Koh Phangan, Thailand

My very unique journey with Ms Renne brought me to deep self realisations and gifted me an expereince like no other. A fantasy of mine to be dominated by a women with a strapon became a reality. I have the utmost respect for how the space was held and felt safe and on my edges through out. As Ms Renne guided the scene the dark recesses of my soul were touched and I was able to express my inner feminine slut and worship her cock. Pleasure and pain became my every thought as I was kept fully present in my body. The penetration of loving yet forceful demands made me swoon and beg for more. The overwhelming desire to serve was exhilarating after so long being the one in the role of dominant. It was bliss to not have to think about the other and focus inwards on myself. With this surrender came for me shame..shame that I need this so much and it was difficult to comprehend that this shame turned me on! In a state of arousal and confusion and emotion I roared and cried and felt so much more than I can now express in words. This journey helped initiate me into my feminine surrender, a journey all men need to understand the feminine arousal and emotional heart. The road less travelled has now opened to me. Thank you to Ms Renne for giving permission for my inner desires to be met. I am in awe of your talents, instincts and confidence to take me beyond my known limits, to push my edges and introduce me to more of myself. A lifetime of thank you’s to you for all the work you have done to become such a powerful embodiment of light and dark eros.


Ben – Exotic sounds, smells, sensuality and kink

San Francisco, September 2018

I’m amazed when I meet her as she’s actually more beautiful in person and has incredible presence, charm, and charisma mixed with the exact right amount of kink! She’s also incredibly intelligent and very friendly too! During our conversation we spent a lot of time discussing our experiences and fantasies as she was crafting a scene what would make our session the best and most fulfilling for both of us. I absolutely loved being in her company, and the longer I was in her presence, the more I understood how lucky I was to be meeting someone this remarkable and captivating!
The session itself was a sensory overload of unique and exotic sounds, smells, sensuality and kink. She had an exceptionally unique set of music playing the entire time along with burning candles and incense too. I’d always thought an experience with Mistress Trevi would be incredible, and she certainly proved me correct – she was literally everything I expected and much more. Before she blindfolded me, I caught a glimpse of an incredibly delicious and wicked collection of toys, restraints and equipment, every one of which I was certain she could use expertly – I made it a point to be on my best behavior so I didn’t end up on the receiving end of too many of these harsh weapons!
Tied up, helpless and submitting to her will, we never even discussed a safe word as I was certain I was in good hands with her expertise – I could only surrender my resistance as she masterfully took total control of every aspect of our several hour session indulging in her kinky dominance, taking me on an alluring journey to incredible places of erotic consciousness, dishing out both pain and pleasure and before she was done, she’d penetrated my body, mind and soul in ways that have never been done before!
One of the most incredible experiences of my lifetime, and one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met! Mistress Trevi is STUNNING and I’m certainly looking forward to many more experiences with her in the future!


Derek – Shadow work

New York, April, 2018

There’s a word that gets thrown around a lot in the media, consensual. I feel like that word is often overlooked in any power dynamic especially when it comes to relationships or bdsm. And unless someone has gone trough a non-consensual event, they’ll truly never understand why it’s such an important word. Even still I hope and work towards nobody experiencing that pain.

When I was a kid I used to fantasize about being tied up, abused and used for another’s pleasure. It is honestly a memory I had when I still lived in the first house I lived in. Yet that was the same house I was assaulted in many times. I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself for those thoughts as well as what happened. A catholic boy, assaulted by his own family. Taught that any sex outside of marriage, even a thought was taboo.

I never thought the first session we had together would lead to that night. The session where I gave up control, no safe word, just allowed someone else to use my body. I gave control to a figure of dominance. I gave control to a figure of sexual desire. A beautiful, sexy and attractive woman, smart, demanding, yet caring.

When the blindfold came over my eyes, hands bound above my head, feet tied apart on a wobbly bench, I was entirely exposed. I created a life that I could control every aspect of, finances, events, the people in my life, the persona I people saw in me. Nobody in my life knows who I truly am, but that’s part of that childhood pain turning into control. Yet in that moment I could hide nothing. The master of disguises couldn’t hide a twitch of his body, the clenching of a muscle, nor the satisfaction I got from what was happening around and to me.

I try to be an adrenaline junkie but bungee jumping, 180 miles an hour on motorcycles, racing, sports; I knew if I trained, studied, planned and worked hard enough I could control every outcome. And I always did even down to the inch the bungee rope stretched.

I’ve met with mistresses before but never without a script or several words to outline how things felt to me. I always had the ability to control the level of pain, or the next step in the night. That night with you exposed a fear in me I didn’t have since being a little 7 year old boy laid back on that bed, not understanding or knowing what was going to happen next. Giving up control in a consensual manner reminded me that pleasure can and does come from these things as long as we understand our selves. And fear can intensify that; not just make experiences worse. Two consensual people can make fireworks.

I play that night over in my head, it was only 90 minutes but it felt like a lifetime. How 90 minutes changed my outlook on life I may never understand though it was like a rebirth. Which I find slightly ironic after the end of our session being in a body bag. No longer am I ashamed of what I enjoy. I understand myself in a way I never would have, or could have, before.

I laid on the bed that night, with you by my side, and didn’t know whether to hug and kiss you, run through the streets with ‘we are the champions’ blaring (though still nude I’m sure that wouldn’t have gone well), or cry with you holding me. I understand it probably wasn’t the same for you but that was a thin moment for me. Thin moments happen rarely in one’s life but they can shape the people we are. That night somehow, someway, pushed me over the edge of a pain driven life, to a pleasurable one.

I let an event that happened to me as a child ruin so many experiences in my life. I thought I had my life in control yet those childhood events controlled who I was, not the other way around.

We all have kinks of our own. I’m glad I got to play out some of mine with you. I hope to repeat and next time for several hours or even a day.  I want to continue learning about what makes me happy, turns me on, and keeps me trying for more. Though now I don’t feel the need to create the scenario, I just want to feel it. Our lives are short, I just want to experience what life is before it’s my time.

Since we met several weeks ago many people have said I seem different. I don’t know if that’s true but I’m honestly just enjoying what’s around me instead of trying to control it. I’m also doing a lot more work with organizations to prevent childhood abuse. Being open about the events that happened to me, and gaining the confidence in myself, though maybe by unorthodox practices, has changed my perspective on life. I’m a very lucky man who has an amazing wife, a life people dream of, and has somehow gotten lucky enough to have you be a part of my life. Even if only for a few moments here and there I appreciate you and what you do.

Thanks again Rene. Our experience together is something I will never forget and look forward to more the next time I’m in town.

I guess everyone needs therapy in their own way… but I assume you don’t take my health insurance.

Carlos – You are a True Goddess

Miami, March 2018

I was lucky enough to find that Mistress Renee was going to be in the Miami area on the same days i was going to be there for a work trip. i’ve been into BDSM for several years already, having had the opportunity to session with some of the best Doms in the US, but not with Mistress Renee previously. Mistress Renee granted me the opportunity of a Dinner and Dominance session. i highly recommend this option as, when already in the session, you are no longer nervous and, by getting to know you, She tailors the session to really surrender completely to Her. After having read carefully Her website, i had decided that for the very first time i would give complete (and true) control, not putting ahead my likes/dislikes or boundaries. i just mentioned Her my weakness in order that She could use these to easily subdue me.

Mistress Renee started the session by confussing my senses, i was blindfolded and She exploited my senses with Her miraculous smell, Her hypnotic voice, and by applying pain and pleasure to my body. Soon i was in a kind of trance, i just followed Her voice. It was amazing how She controlled me and made me do things i never imagined would do, i just wanted to please Her. For the first time i was plugged and for the first time i was not allowed to cum to end the session, She told me to wait until the next day and what was incredible, is that i left Her facilities without the need of it, just thinking that i had to please Mistress Renee and not cum until the next day. i really want to be furthered trained by Mistress Renee to go back (and deeper) into that state of submission She took me into.

D – Holistic Approach to BDSM

West Palm Beach, March 2018

“You should have seen my wife’s face when i told her i was ordered to give her a foot massage ?. Also, i would like to share your skills are invaluable and worth hundred times more… i say this because i drink to relieve stress and i havent felt the need to drink!”

I’ve had the opportunity to see many Dommes over 15yrs and Ms. Renee is by far second to none. She is more than a gorgeous stunning Domme with a whip and she certainly is not one dimensional like others. Ms. Renee encompasses a holistic approach to BDSM as an art. From the choice of music, to the smell of the candle, to the visualization exercises, you will know she is a true professional and her priority is the client’s wellbeing. There is a metaphysical approach that I don’t fully understand yet but I know it did occur. Whether you are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic, she will take you outside your comfort zone and beyond. I left the session feeling empowered, stronger and less stress from everyday challenges. If I had to guess she has several PhDs (or at least life experience) in physiology, psychology and metaphysics. I promise that you will leave a better person. Thank you Goddess!

Ahmed – She took me to a place where I have never been before.

New York, October 2016

Last night was my first session with Goddess Renee. It was also my first time in a dungeon. My experience with BDSM was limited to fetish out calls.

When I first saw her, my mind and other parts in my body jumped out of joy and expectations about the pleasure I will get. She is literally awesomeness.
The night before. I met another girl who did exactly what I asked her to do giving me a great pleasure. I literally spent 90 minutes in what I thought heaven . I got trampled, smothered, and humiliated and cleaned the bottoms of her 10 pairs of shoes, finally I cum with her bare feet smashing my face.
I expected the session with Goddess Renee to be even more awesome, AND to go as I planned and expected. Little did I knew!!
Goddess Renee asked me about what I like to do, then she told me to stop talking, resisting or expecting….
She started to torture me in her own way. She wouldn’t let me do anything I asked or expected. “It is not about you anymore, slave.. Shut up and take whatever I please to do to you”. She said.
I was handcuffed and blindfolded folded with her experience my pain tolerance on my nipples and balls. I was totally not enjoying it. I asked her to stop. I thought that night will not go as planned and I have wasted my time and money.
When she noticed my resistance, she explained to me that I had to earn worshipping her, and again, it is about her pleasure not mine.
Few minutes later, I lost all my power, expectations, and dignity. I surrendered to her completely without any reason that I could understand.
She rewarded me with some worship of shoes and feet, some trampling and spitting. But mostly I spent time doing things that pleased her, not me.
For the first time in my life, I felt the girl I paid money to dominate me actually enjoying to dominate and actually has expectations.
She enjoyed walking over my face and balls in a violent way that no girl ever dared to do to me before. She laughed a lot having me kissing the floor under her feet walking all over the room, massaging her feet, and god she enjoyed her heals digging into my nipples.

I was not enjoying all of that, but gradually, I started feeling something beyond enjoyment. I felt good when she enjoyed.

Coming to the end of the session, she asked me what I saw the craziest thing ever. She asked me to have an orgazem fucking the floor!!!!

I was like what??!!! I totally said in my mind that it is an end to a bad session. I will never do that, get dressed and leave immediately, and never see her again.

But.. Without any reason, I didn’t. I started fucking the floor while licking her shoes and being verbally abused, and I actually cum !!!

This session was a unique experience. I never expected in my wildest dreams to become that humiliated. Goddess Renee truly taught me what true submission is..
For me loving to be humiliated by hot ladies, I only experienced level 1  humiliation. This is when you just do so many humiliating that you like doing like licking shoes for example..
Level 2 is to do something humiliating against your will.
Level 3 is doing something humiliating against your will AND feel good about doing it….
It is something beyond physical attraction or even love. It is something divine. It is completely losing your power and surrender to a higher one.
Leaving her yesterday, I thought I am not likely to come back. But the session and what happened are stuck in my mind since then. I can’t stop thinking about it. She took me to a place that I have never went before. She humiliated me and owned me in a way that no one ever did to me.
Somehow I want to worship her. Continue to please her. Some how I want to serve her more without any explanations. Some how she owned my entire self. I’d do anything for her pleasure if she demands. I want to see her again and again. With no expectations at all. Without any red lines. I would let her do anything to me.
Maybe this is what we all search for. A higher power to submit to. I do believe in God. Maybe this is the way God wants us to worship? Complete surrender?
 But maybe we need to actually feel that way to a human being to know God and feel him better.
Tom – Financial Domination
New York, July, 2014

You were wonderful, best session of my life. Your only fourth pro Dom I have seen. I have had some extensive relationships with some amateurs. ( Girls I met that I saw, 8 – 12 times each various shopping sprees and sessions) I was kind of ‘topping from the bottom” I think with them. I have been pursuing my foot fetish for four years now, really enjoy true submission. Never have I really found what I have been looking for until today. At least 20 -25 different amateurs and the three pro’s and although some were great fun, none where exactly what I have been searching for until today. Thank you so much for taking a chance on me. I hope you are pleased and enjoyed yourself at my expense. The things you said to me right before climax are what I have ben craving to hear. That I belong to you, my possessions, my money, my credit cards, my entire life, all belong to you because you are superior to me in every way. You are prettier than I could have hoped for, you conducted the session so sensually with just a touch of wickedness at the right times which I loved. I do not know how to thank you for letting me live my fantasy with you. I beg you to let me see you again someday. Yes you can exploit me with your friends for your pleasure and for their pleasure. That would such a great adventure, to come to the city and be used by you and your friends. My life is yours now to control. Use me for whatever you need. I am your slave, for ever, or until you are done with me. Thank you oh Beautiful One, I will never forget you. It is not just your beauty (it could just be your beauty, your so hot) it is you exciting lifestyle, your personality, your intelligence. Everything about you is superior to me, you truly our a Goddess, and deserve to be treated as such. I exist in your world only to be of use to you. I hope you enjoy your trip to Europe, I hope you will remember your new foot slave when you return.

Steven – Chastity bound pet

New York, April 2014

I wanted to thank you for another perfect session and share a few thoughts regarding our times together to date. From our very first session together to our last, you have carefully pushed my limits, helped me explore new fantasies, and experience things that I have only ever dreamed of. There are several things that I feel you do exceptionally well.

First, you are the perfect mix of beauty, intelligence, dominance, creativity, and playfulness. I have enjoyed every moment with you; and, have even felt quite proud (as much as a submissive chastity bound pet could feel) with you at my side….in a bar, at a park, at a Victoria’s Secret while picking things out for me to wear. You are fun and interesting to engage. You light up a room and command attention with your presence.

Second, you are exceptional at taking a fantasy and adding your own unique spin. It is clear to that in every instance, you have carefully incorporated all my ideas, while still surprising me and building off them. For example, when I met you in the park to share my “homework”, which included humiliating videos and pictures of tasks I was previously assigned, you were able to recall every single instruction and every detail I missed. What made it perfect was when you assigned me spankings for each detail resulting in me over your knee for a good 15 minutes in front of everyone in the park.

Third, as I said, you have pushed my limits beyond my imagination. For example, after that public spanking, you attached a collar and leash and led me on a humiliating crawl in that same crowded park. With me already dressed in women’s work out clothing and toes polished, it was excruciatingly humiliating. I would never have dreamed I could do it…..but you made it a realty. You also introduced me to electro, sounds, and consuming your perfect golden nectar.

Finally, you also know just when to ease off and give me a chance to adjust to complete submissiveness. For example, I remember when we had planned to meet at a crowded bar. As agreed, I was to arrive dressed in a sexy dress, heels, make-up, and wig and wait for you, not knowing how long you might be. I arrived on time but could not bring myself to change. I sat there for nearly 30 minutes trying to push myself to do it, but to no avail. You were quite disappointed, but you knew just how to re-wrap me around your little finger; and, by the end of the evening, I left fully dressed.

I truly want to thank you for all the experiences and memories you have helped me create. You are without a doubt the best Domme that I have ever seen. I only hope that I can continue to amuse and please you, as your faithful pet.

Impatiently waiting for the next time I have the honor of kneeling at your feet….

Your Pet

Nigger slave – first meeting after NiteFlirt 

New York, October 2013

i feel enslaved by Your voice. i love it. i feel like i could listen to You for hours. i love Your superior Russian accent. Your powerful Russian voice weakens my nigger soul.

i keep thinking about being before You, arms suspended in the air above me as You walk around me and inspect me. i think about how completely helpless i will feel as You look me over and then take my balls in Your hand and claim them as Yours.

 i have thought a lot about being introduced to Your scent…i know it will leave me powerless. i have thought a lot lately about when You said You would have me hand wash Your panties….how i would have to smell each and every one first, fully taking in Your superior scent and then wash them. i know once i smell Your scent i will become Your property…i will be made completely helpless

 i am so scared of You and at the same time i cannot wait to be before You. i am scared that You will wish to castrate me someday…but i want to please You and prove that i can be a good nigger

Bernie – On the edge of the abyss

New York, May 2013

It occurred to me that the three cardinal emotions of  slave in training – Fear, Humiliation and Frustration – inherently contain the goals of the training: Obedience, Humility and Devotion. My fear of future punishments makes me run home to do the assignment, despite my tight schedule; the humiliation of having to expose myself plugged, pantied and chastised can only be endured if it comes from a place of real humility; the terrible sexual frustration generated by my celibacy leads me to an overwhelming need to serve, bend, kneel, beg and plead at my superiors feet… It’s an inevitable process of sublimation and transformation of negative emotions into slave virtues. It is happening to me already under Your direction.

As i nourish this thoughts, lying on my back, legs spread, my hand reaches for my testicles… Perhaps am i surprised to still find them there, all this has been so emasculating. They feel so soft, so fragile, so small and… redundant. Yet this is where the constant aching frustration is generated. Wouldn’t it be better if they were removed at this point?

Your words come to my mind: “…until you are completely broken”…

I feel like i am standing on the edge of the abyss.

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