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Experiencing your full orgasmic potential

It is considered that about 80% of women don’t experience orgasm during sexual intercourse. 

As a teen, I learned from magazines that clitoral orgasms is the best that I can hope for. Nothing was mentioned about experiencing multiple, varied, incredible orgasms. Or that they could be experienced at not only on physical level, but also emotional, mental and energetic as well.

Why didn’t I know the potential of multiple, varied orgasms until I was nearly 30? 

Why isn’t it talked about?

How is it okay and acceptable that millions of women live their entire lives without ever learning of the ecstatic, cosmic potential of their yonis? 

Luckily, some real feminine wisdom and guidance have drastically changed my sexual experience for the better. Over the years of exploration of myself as well as practicing on others, I’ve learned deeply about female sexuality.

I believe we all need to shed layers of shame and take more time to explore the mystical potential of our yoni. 

While personally experiencing yoni massages, I’ve learned that I’m capable of G-spot orgasm (squirting), A-spot orgasm, K-spot orgasm, and a cervical orgasm. The cervical orgasm is truly a Tantric one, as it has a different quality compared to, for instance, a clitorial or G-spot orgasms. It originates deep in our body and it spreads all over and beyond it, dissolving all physical boundaries, taking you into an out of body experience. It is subtle. It is oceanic. It is truly divine. It is the queen of all orgasms. It radiates your entire life force through you. 

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Yoni massage is a Tantric practice designed to explore hidden aspects of the yoni. Below are some insights I have discovered during my exploration into yoni massage:

Yoni, the sacred temple

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that is interpreted as sacred temple. Literally it means the womb—the female organs of generation. It is a symbol of divine, procreative energy conventionally represented by a circular stone. It is also an iconic representation of the goddess Shakti in Hinduism.

The word yoni includes the female sexual organs—vagina, vulva, and uterus.

I prefer to use the term yoni rather than vagina for a couple key reasons. The first is that there has been immense conditioning and narrative placed upon the word vagina in modern day society and religion. Using the term yoni carries with it a softness, and also an expansiveness as it is a less spoken word in the western world. 

The word yoni is closely connected to Tantra, an esoteric tradition of Hinduism and Buddhism. Tantra was originally created as a way to weave together the seeming polarities in life—the physical and spiritual; humanity and divine. Yoni massage can also be considered a tantric massage in that the goal is to bring higher awareness to something not yet fully understood.

Our yonis are portals to life and are the most feminine and sensitive parts of women’s bodies. There is ancient wisdom, soul truth, and divine power stored in our yonis that is available to us to access…not to mention ecstatic bliss and joy in our bodies. When we develop a harmonious and connected relationship to our yonis, we become empowered in its truest form.

True feminine power

Most of us women are unaware of the full potential and power of our yoni. Because a large part of female sexuality takes place hidden from view, it leaves room for fear and speculation. While we know the physical manifestations of our yoni—menstruating and giving birth—fully accessing the pleasure within the yoni has seemed to be only for a lucky few. 

In my experience of working with women, it is profoundly empowering to experience true orgasm that goes beyond a quick clitoral peak. To feel the ocean waves of pleasure throughout your entire body. We have become numbed out and disconnected with our yonis, and have treated them as functionalities rather than as sacred temples that connect us to our divine nature, creativity, pleasure, and power. My intention is for you to experience your yoni in ways you have never before.

My personal experience

Early in my own life, I felt an impulse to learn more about my yoni, and a desire to get in touch with the feelings that were associated with it. However, I soon understood that society barely offers opportunities to approach this topic in an appropriate way. 

My questions and hunger for self-exploration brought me to a tantric yoga school in Thailand where I spent many seasons exploring yoni massage among other amazing subjects. The yoni massage had a profound and lasting effect on my sexuality as well as personal growth, and therefore I’m now very excited to offer it to others. 

With each yoni massage that I give, I develop deeper insight into sensuality, tenderness, and significance of the female power center.

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Our resistance limits our pleasure

The amount of resistance we have will determine the amount of pleasure we’re capable of receiving. What is resistance? The two most obvious ones are 1- our inability to fully relax, and 2- sexual shame, which are intertwined. It’s hard to meet a woman who is free from sexual shame. We all carry wounds and ancestral baggage of sexual repression. 

Various societal/religious belief systems such as “sex/masturbation is bad and dirty” is imprinted in our subconscious.  No wonder most women experience unpleasant sensations of burning or pain, or an absence of perception of their yoni. There needs to be a work of tension release and relaxation. 

Our muscle tensions are the reflections of our unprocessed experiences. Just like full body massage is helpful to keep the body healthy, it makes sense to do the same for our yoni. Not only does it physically help to untie some knots and release some muscle tensions, many women find it surprising that there are lots of trapped emotions, traumas, frustration, and stagnant energy. 

The beauty of the yoni massage practice is that it is possible to massage the tension out. In order to access it, it’s important to keep awareness inside the body while keeping the mind quiet. I know useful rituals and proper breathing techniques in order to guide you in this deep, relaxed clear headed state. It can take time to de-armor and activate the pleasure in your yoni, being patient is key. The yoni is receiving more conscious time, attention, love, and compassion than it has in years, perhaps ever.

It is expected to have some challenging sensations and emotions during the first session. However it’s worth the time and energy you put in, and each subsequent session brings certain physical, emotional, mental, sexual shifts as well as deeper insights and truths within you.

Surrender is key

Surrender is the key to reclaiming your sexual power. Now that I’ve described a potential for pleasure and pain, I find it important to mention the key point of this work. Most of us are conditioned to run away from pain and chase pleasure, and there are lucky ones who have found that it’s a path which never brings true satisfaction.  

When we experience orgasmic potential first hand, we realize that life lived from a place of fear and greed is a life not worth to be lived. We understand that cosmic orgasms cannot be achieved by being chased. That effort does not equal success. Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 4.19.11 PM

The Tantric path is paradoxical like that as great things happen when you simply surrender and trust. Some superficial physical orgasms can be reached by grasping for pleasure, while the beyond the body, energetic orgasms only come in deep vulnerability. 

In order to have these orgasms we must be ready to go to places that are emotional or scary to the mind, we must be ready to lose control and feel deeper than ever. This can only happen in the space of deep surrender. 

My ultimate work as a yoni massage facilitator is being your guide to this surrendered state. I’m well-equipped for that because I’ve committed my life to an ultimate surrender within myself. I embody that which I provide and guide for others.

If you google “orgasm”, you will find a variety of definitions—most of them referring to a sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement. These definitions overlook the magical, mystical, spiritual elements that an orgasm brings. 

Here are the best words I have found so far~ “Orgasm is a sudden or gradual meeting of this humanness with the Absolute. As the human invites the divinity through trust and surrender, the consciousness penetrates freely through all layers of the self, through mind, emotions, energy, more subtle fields, to the core of who we are, into the layer where we never even existed as a separate human.” (who said this?)

When you claim your sexual pleasure, you claim your personal power.

Overview of session structure

Here is the structure of the massage session, followed by a brief description of each phase.

Pre-session: Initial consultation, 10-15 minutes long

Day of session: Session, approximately 3 hours long

Day after session: Aftercare, duration varied based on individual 

Pre-Session Consultation

Because of the nature and power of this work, it is essential that we establish a foundation of mutual trust and understanding. To achieve this, I provide a complimentary 15 minute consultation via Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime to connect with you and learn why you desire this experience. 

Session Preparation

For the most powerful and optimal effects of the yoni massage, take the day of the yoni massage to rest. The session is about 3 hours long, and there will be a few hours of internal integration after the session as well. Giving your body the compassionate self-care of a day of rest will provide deep healing for you.

Yoni Massage Session

The yoni is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional being all unto herself. There is a shedding of layers that occurs during the session, and it requires a gentle easing in. Like a rose in bloom, as it unfolds and shows more of its petals, it becomes more beautiful, full, and alive. There is more to be seen and appreciated.

We begin the 3-hour session by checking in about how you are feeling physically and emotionally. Once you have reached a level of relaxation and comfort in your body, I guide you through a series of practices to allow your body to fall even deeper. 

During this time, I explain the process, as well as certain spiritual components. We also discuss boundaries and concerns. Everything that is done during the yoni massage is with your full consent. At any moment you feel uncomfortable, we stop the massage and do not go further.

Next, we go into full body massage, I do it with oil and it is designed for you to feel and relax your entire body. Rather than it being a deep tissue kind of massage, it is a good way for us to connect on a physical level. This gives your mind and body a clearer idea of how I work, and allows you to trust my hands to go deeper within you. I give more attention to abdominal massage as well as certain pressure points which is assisting deeper relaxation of the pelvic floor area.

The yoni massage itself then begins with some external massage around the clitoral area followed by your consent before continuing inside. This is how yoni massage is designed

massaging certain “unpopular” areas which are usually ignored

working with some pressure points which are helpful for releasing inner tensions

giving you a “map” of your yoni – explaining to you the anatomy of it so you can become aware of how different spots feel while isolated or massaged together.

helping you to release everything that stops you from your natural orgasmic state

The final stage of the massage is integration, or final relaxation. That’s when you get to experience your body in the afterglow of the massage. I guarantee your body/mind/emotional state will be different and it’s important to take some time giving it some attention. I finish the massage very gradually, cover your body with a sheet, and give you some alone time so you can fully relax or possibly journey in the altered state. I choose some aroma oils/incense and music for deeper relaxation.

Once I come back and gently guide you back into your physical body and thinking mind again, we conclude with some final rituals to honor the journey that your body has just been on, and reflect about the experience over exquisite tea.

This gives you a brief idea why the process takes about 3 hours. The key to the entire practice is relaxation, and giving your body the opportunity to slowly relax over the span of a few hours is transformative. 


Because of the deep release and healing that occurs during the session, it is important to have some things in place to support you immediately after the session. I typically recommend my clients give themselves the following day to rest, reflect, and recharge. Often times more repressed emotions arise the following day, so have one of your girlfriends available in case you need extra support. I will also check on you the day after to see how your integration is going.


Yoni massage is profound in that it touches the different types of us—physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically. Through the various research I come from the belief system that our bodies store trauma, particularly the yoni, and these sessions are an opportunity to heal. Far beyond experiencing cosmic pleasure is a chance to acknowledge and let go of intense sensations or memories that have been stored in our bodies.

I believe that great love and enlightenment is possible when we are able to go into the shadow places in ourselves and bring light to them. This is a form of shadow work in that in order to experience the pleasure, we must first be able to feel and move the pain. 

My style is gentle, slow, and intuitive. It is this gentle guidance to be most effective with my clients and their bodies. It is in this relaxed state that old traumas, memories, and stored pain can rise to the surface to be released. It is important to understand the distinction that our bodies desire to feel pleasure, deeply. It is the forgotten or overlooked pieces that need healing to clear the way for the deeper pleasure to arise.  

During states of peak arousal, our bodies tend to release excess amounts of fluids. As a yoni massage practitioner, that the amounts of fluids can be intensified during the yoni massage—vaginal secretion, squirting, as well as menstrual blood. 

The excessive wetness that occurs during our sessions is part of the process of you connecting with your yoni at such a deep level. While I do not recommend having a yoni massage during the peak of your menstrual cycle, as a yoni massage practitioner, I am comfortable with the amounts and types of the various fluids that occur.



I experienced pleasure within myself that I never have with another…or that I have been able to achieve in my own self-exploration. Renee opened me up to a world within myself. There is a particular stroke that she did that blew my mind. She helped me find new points of pleasure within myself that I was not aware of.

One of my favorite, most impactful things that Renee said was that it’s not about her. She does not take what comes up for me personally. If I needed to process and let go of anger, she would be there to support me in it. This allowed me to feel safe to express myself in whatever way I wanted to or could.

The fact that there were hours to spend and not feeling the hurry to “get to” the next place sexually with a partner, my body was truly able to relax and receive kindness and compassion and pleasure in ways that it hasn’t before.

Every woman would benefit from this. Especially every young woman. Imagine a chance to learn as a young adult what does feel good, pure, orgasmic, incredible in her body, and in a safe space and in a safe way…groundbreaking. Life altering. 

I cried at the end of our session because I was able to reunite with my pleasure again. I thought it was gone and I would not experience it at all. This deeply moved me and changed my life. I am so deeply grateful to Inna!

Jessica Ste. Michelle, Miami, Fl, May 2019

Sessions like this are very important to women, because they give us the opportunity to get to know ourselves in a space that feels safe. It’s unfortunate to admit but most of us have never taken the time to find out how we’re built on the inside. It seems as though every boy from earliest childhood has a personal relationship with his penis, which happens to be easy to see and to touch, whereas a girl’s vagina tends to remain verboten. During the session, Renee very carefully leads you through the initial phase, of exploring this sacred zone, by gently physically pointing out and verbalizing different spots in this area. Inna’s voice has the uncanny effect of inviting you into this journey and of continuously supporting you through it. Each word seems to come at just the right time to help you notice your physical sensations, and to help you recognize the emotions or thoughts that they bring up. Her voice makes it easier to get through whatever physical discomfort might come up, to let go of “stories” and to remain in the here and now. Inna helped me put into words and images things that my eyes couldn’t see. I was able to sense where the cervical canal is and how it feels, to notice areas that are tense, and to understand what areas provide pleasurable sensations. I was also able to notice that different areas as well as different types of stimulation result in very different types of pleasure.

Another important aspect of my session with Inna was its incredible healing effect. For several years, I had been medically diagnosed with a cervical polyp and recommended surgery. Eventually it was concluded that there was apparently no polyp after all but that, due to the narrow structure of my cervical canal, blood clots tend to accumulate there, which do not completely clear out during menstruation. It turned out that this was most likely triggered by stress that caused my pelvic area to tense up. And, in fact, I had been experience a great deal of stress during the past several years of my life. Prior to that, I had had no history of medical issues related to my reproductive organs.

During the rather intensive massage administered by Renee this blood clot was able to be released from the cervical canal and to come out, thanks to the relaxation of the area. It has been several cycles now that it has not returned. I believe that regular massages like this can prevent such problems from recurring and can help one avoid having to turn to surgical intervention. For several years gynecologists had been warning me of the possibility of developing any number of complications from this condition of constant spasm. They said that the presence of the blood clot made my cervix a favorable environment for pernicious microbes and potential oncological developments. Thanks to Inna, I was able to become more aware of the source of the problem and to find a way to release the pressure that had built up in this area of my body. I am very grateful that, thanks to Inna’s massage, I was able to prevent my problem from worsening by clearly seeing the path to its resolution. I want to express my enormous gratitude to Inna and my wish for all of you ladies to have this amazing experience.

Julia, Thailand, February 2019

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