Ticklish adventures


I always knew that trying myself as a sub is a good way to understand and better connect with my submissives.  Naturally, I’m very selective when it comes to choosing a partner to top me, so that’s not something I’d offer to just anyone.


Agreeing to be tickled wasn’t an easy decision by a long shot.  I burst out laughing when I get my pedicures done – I’m very ticklish!  However, I realize that partaking in tickling torture is all about mental control.  However, being a Domme who practices extreme sports,  I thought I could handle getting tickled…

To my surprise, Kelli was very skilled and her restrains were really advanced.  She found my most sensitive spots and it was terrifying at times.  At the same time, it was seductive and sensual – Kelli was licking and biting my feet during breaks. My body turned out to be even more ticklish than my feet, and at some point I started cursing loudly in Russian!

It was a very intense and memorable experience.  I’ll definitely be more compassionate to my clients after this experience of being so helplessly restrained…

They say laughter is the best medicine.  Well, I must admit that once I recovered, I felt energized, rejuvenated and inspired.


In case you’d like to read more about tickling torture and see videos, visit //www.tickleabuse.com.

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