Men Who Own Their Vulnerability.

“Man-up!” “Pussy!” “Faggot!” Our society is very harsh on men with its demands that they be strong and “masculine,” with restrictions on emotions (men don’t cry) or any other form of vulnerability that flow therefrom.  Society is persistently--whether outright or by implication--telling young boys to push back their tears, to ignore and suppress their emotions, to... Continue Reading →

#Metoo and #Himtoo

As the #metoo movement and the subject of sexual misconduct in all its incarnations gained momentum and increasingly became part of the current zeitgeist, or public consciousness, I found myself thinking. Not so much thinking, as following a hunch that there was more to this than meets the eye. You all know by now that... Continue Reading →

A Session With No Map

“I am only interested in the ideas that become obsessive and make me feel uneasy. The ideas that I’m afraid of.” – Marina Abramovic  A Session With No Map One day I asked a video director I admire what kind of work he enjoyed the most? He said: “I like when someone contacts me wanting... Continue Reading →

Die before you die

“Death is one of God's best ideas because it so terrifies the beings that it compels them to search for that which is imperishable.” - Mooji I have always been fascinated by the idea of dying before dying. That is, of getting the experience of death before the physical death of the body. I suppose I felt that it... Continue Reading →

My Shibari Healing by a Powerful Master

In all these years that I’ve been a Domme, I often found myself wondering: why is there such a great variety of FemDoms and yet such a comparatively tiny pool of skillful Dominant males to choose from? I can hear my readers protesting already but, darlings, your offers to tie us up and spank us... Continue Reading →

Couples Session – Decoding the Kinky Mind

“In most cases I’ve found that those who think they rarely or never fantasize are similar to people who don’t remember dreaming. They’re simply not in the habit of paying sufficiently close attention” J. Morin, Erotic Mind. It would not be an exaggeration to say that my clients’ willingness to reveal what most people prefer to keep hidden... Continue Reading →

One Awful Submissive*

*Published with permission from the subject of this post Somehow I’m wired to look for best in people, including my submissives. I understand that nobody is perfect, and do my best to focus on good qualities. When it comes to training my submissives, I look for potential. Of course, it seems to be a good... Continue Reading →

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