Staying in touch

As many of you are bummed that I’m gone, I thought of suggesting a few ways to stay in touch. I have no problem with receiving emails and even phone calls during my vacation, as I’m having so much spare time, living stress-free.
As I already received many emails and comments from those of you who miss me, I decided to create this post to let you know of the best way to stay connected while I’m spending this winter in Thai paradise
  • NiteFlirt – I’m planning on being available at least a few hours every day.
  • Skype Sessions – I’d love to do some humiliation/sissification video sessions. Just keep in mind that I only have one outfit with me and no toys
  • Custom POVs – I have my GoPro camera with me and wouldn’t mind filming some custom POVs right from the comfort of my vacation home
  • Used panties –  stinky and delicious as always, those are available for shipping.
Looking forward!


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