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I was writing this email to share some feedback with you with respect to some of the videos you have released on your clips4sale store over the past several months.

While i have been thoroughly enjoying the spectacular content you have been releasing on your store on a regular basis, the clips you post featuring spread eagle bondage and/or sensual teasing / trampling with you feet compelled me to write and share what a fantastic job i believe you’re doing. Videos like the recent ‘Heavy Ball Punching’, ‘Merciless Ballbusting by a sensual Mistress’, Endless Smothering for my Pet’, ‘Bound and Abused’ have all served to provide me with endless entertainment and allow me to appreciate something new about your unique style every time upon repeated viewings.

Your seductive, exotic voice always compliments the atmosphere of the video and the bondage in all your videos is simply a plus as is the way you always appear immaculately groomed and appropriately dressed for the scene. I absolutely went bonkers over the youtube video you just released; so subtle and well-handled featuring the perfect blend of suggestive play to drive any sub crazy.

Wishing you good health and a wonderful holiday season!

Best Regards,


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