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 Mistress Etiquette, or rules of engagement

Recently I found myself being overstressed because of my potential and even regular clients being unreliable, impolite or disrespectful to my schedule. Some even forget that they’re here to serve me, not the other way around.  I also understood that many of my clients didn’t take my work seriously because I was simply allowing them to do so. I used to take time explaining my position and correcting wrong attitude. However, I’ve realized that my work is not meant to be stressful and I decided to no longer give second chances to those who fail to take my work seriously. Now I only see clients that keep me uplifted and stress-free, both during sessions and while communicating outside of them.

To avoid misunderstanding, I’m giving you these guidelines here in writing, for you to read and follow. My time is valuable and I’m not going to compromise. Failure to accept my guidelines will get you blacklisted immediately.

Although these guidelines may sound strict, I must admit that I’m generally a very easy-going and understanding person, and I respect those who respect me.

When contacting me for the first time 

  • email is my preferred method of communication, calling is also ok, texting is the least preferred one
  • no calling me outside of my normal hours (noon-10  PM)
  • no calls with blocked caller id will be answered
  • you must carefully read my web site prior to contacting me,  most recent Updates and Tribute Structure are particularly important
  • speaking to me over the phone is for scheduling sessions only, which takes about 2-3 minutes. Please do not try engaging in any lengthy conversations with me. We can discuss the type of session you want, but any details of the session may only be discussed upon arrival. For phone sessions, feel free to contact me on NiteFlirt
  • do not even bother offering yourself as a personal slave – I only consider slaves that I know well through sessions or those referred to me by other Dommes. Also, I’m not looking for video slaves
  • new callers who start conversation like “Hi are you available for session now?” will be blacklisted. Introduce yourself first, describe how you found me, your interests, experience, references
  • please read my most recent Updates for guidelines on contacting me by email
  • requests for any sexual services will be met with banishment
  • do not book a session unless you’re certain about your schedule. Once I put you on my calendar, I would only cancel our booking in case of emergency, and I expect the same from you
  • when booking a session with a new client I often request a confirmation call at a certain hour. Failure to do so is not a form of cancellation, it’s a form of disrespect to my time. In that case, expect to be blacklisted. Remember that I schedule a certain hour just for you and make my other plans around it. In case you must cancel our appointment, do so as soon as you can with a proper apology
  • my price is non-negotiable, do not ask for discounts. My rates have changed in 2016, so be sure to see my Tribute Structure page.

 When seeing me in person 

  • please don’t come earlier than 10 minutes before the session. If you are running late, please shoot me an email or text so I don’t think you’re a flake. In case you’re over 30 min late, consider paying extra for my time
  • I’m always freshly showered for my sessions and same is expected from you. I expect you to be clean (in all important places) and have a nice breath. I have a shower at my playspace and you are welcome to use it before the session
  • be ready to present your donation in the beginning of the session
  • please respect my limits. Insisting on extras or bribing is borderline abusive and will not be tolerated
  • there is no good excuse for touching my private parts. If you do so, you won’t provoke me to torture you more; instead, our session will be terminated with no refund
  • tips and gifts are not expected as I work independently and determine my own tributes. However, any generosity is greatly appreciated.

Other notes

  • It’s important for both of us to remember that, despite the emotionally and erotically intense nature of our sessions, we have a professional relationship only and should act accordingly
  • Any invitation for dinner/drinks will be considered as session-related and charged accordingly

My personal promise 

  • I will protect your privacy very carefully and will never mention you to others.
  • I will not be calling you or texting you myself, unless I’m returning your call
  • I’m well educated on safety with all equipment I use, and safety is my priority.
  • My space is always clean, so is myself and my equipment.
  • I’m honest and I keep my word.
  • I’m very open minded and non-judgemental, no fantasy it too bizarre for me.
  • I will not attempt to cross your hard limits – but don’t forget to mention those!
  • You will always see me sober for our sessions.

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