*** WARNING: This website is intended for adults only, as it features descriptions of consensual BDSM and other erotic scenarios. Anyone who is under 18 years of age or who does not want to view such material should proceed no further and exit out of this site now.***

I see my sessions as ritual journeys into the self-awareness and conscious exploration of shadow selves.

Please read this and this for updated info about my sessions

My sexuality naturally exudes dominance. I live for arousing your most deviant and forbidden desires, and leaving you defenseless, vulnerable and exposed. One intense gaze from my green eyes will draw you closer, my smile will deceive you as I tease, punish, and humiliate you. I will use your weaknesses to my advantage — and service will be your reward. You will be hurt by pleasure, mesmerized with desire, and rewarded with pain. I am your dreams, in living form. 

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My sessions are always sane and always consensual. Safety, for me, is paramount. I enjoy the company of responsive and adventurous clients, whether they be experienced players or new to the art of BDSM”

DO read my website before contacting me to get an idea of the kinds of sessions I offer and the philosophy I operate from.

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