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TFH: – In ancient times people worshiped women with sexual powers, but it all changed with organized religions and now mostly this is looked upon as a freaky and secret side of sex. I know firsthand how this type of sex can be a release on many energetic levels. I’d like to have you explain to our readers why this is therapeutic for most of your clients.

Renee: – It’s often therapeutic to go outside of what’s our society calls “normal”. Many of us are forced to role-play all our lives in order to fit in. “Head of a household”, “Kind and loving person”, “Successful businessman”, “Confident alpha-male”- these are the common roles that are expected from a man to be considered successful. Therefore, since early childhood, boys are told “Don’t cry! Be a man!” and basically boys are not allowed to show their weaknesses. And what we don’t express gets suppressed and awaits manifestation in one way or another, sometimes in a very disharmonious way such as confusion, aggression or depression. When men come to see me, they’re in a safe space to be themselves fully…

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