Bachelor Party

I think inviting strippers to bachelor party is silly. Dominatrix on the other hand, can make sure the groom is properly conditioned to serve his future wife.
I recently got invited to a bachelor party by the best man. He said that the groom was a naughty boy andScreen Shot 2015-03-31 at 3.28.40 PM definitely needed to be disciplined. I had no problem with that, and since they celebrated in a bar not far from my play space, I told him to drop the groom off at my dungeon and pick him up in an hour.
Oh what a surprise it was for him!  When elevator doors opened, I saw 3 guys staring at my sexy leather outfit. I asked “So, who is the naughty boy?” and I saw one of them starting to step back, almost instinctively hiding from me. Well, too late! I grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him to my room, asking him to take off all his clothes while I get ready. I closed the door and went to talk to his friends. They also looked a bit intimidated: “oh, please don’t hurt him… too much.
..”. I promised that our naughty boy would receive precisely what he deserved, no more, no less, and sent them off to the bar.
As I walked back to the room, I instantly put a collar and a leash on the naked groom who was sprawled on the floor. I pulled him by the leash towards my chair and started teaching him his first major lesson – his woman must always be his first priority. I slapped his face a couple of times to keep him focused and make sure the point goes across. I felt that he wasn’t understanding the concept to the fullest, and decided that some spanking was needed. I put him over my knee and gave him that, making sure his ass would remain sore for a while. Once he started screaming, I asked him to repeat these pledges for me: “My life’s purpose is to serve my woman”, “I will always do my best to please her”, “I will nourish and respect her at all times”, “I will not forget to bring her flowers and buy her gifts”, and so on. I used a wooden paddle for each sentence to help him memorize them. Afterwards, I decided he needed a proper puppy discipline training. I took him on a leash around the room, made him follow
my simple commands such as “sit” and “fetch”, and made him say “woof”. Finally, I set on my throne and asked him to massage my feet. They were tired after a long day of wearing high heels, and I explained to him that all women need their feet massaged at the end of every day. We wear high heels for you guys, and our feet get tired and sore, so it’s your job to constantly show your appreciation by giving us a proper foot and leg massage. Unfortunately, very few of you know how to do it properly, and this groom was a sad case, too, in the beginning. He was very much in a hurry and it took me a bit to teach him to relax, slow down, and be emotionally present when he gives a foot massage. See, guys, when you do all that, its easier for your woman to relax, too, so the massage is more effective.
I was very happy with his learning progress. He became a very humble and obedient boy, and he was constantly asking me “Am I pleasing you right, Mistress?”.  I told him to have the same attitude when it comes to pleasing his wife, and sent him back to the bar to continue partying with his friends. He was very grateful for those important lessons, although my guess is, he was standing for the remainder of the evening.

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