Letter from my slave

i feel enslaved by Your voice. i love it. i feel like i could listen to You for hours. i love Your superior Russian accent. Your powerful Russian voice weakens my nigger soul.

i keep thinking about being before You, arms suspended in the air above me as You walk around me and inspect me. i think about how completely helpless i will feel as You look me over and then take my balls in Your hand and claim them as Yours.

i have thought a lot about being introduced to Your scent…i know it will leave me powerless. i have thought a lot lately about when You said You would have me hand wash Your panties….how i would have to smell each and every one first, fully taking in Your superior scent and then wash them. i know once i smell Your scent i will become Your property…i will be made completely helpless
i am so scared of You and at the same time i cannot wait to be before You. i am scared that You will wish to castrate me someday…but i want to please You and prove that i can be a good nigger

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