Photos from exhibit ATTACHé, photographers Pauline Rochas and Carole Beaupré

ImageTo wear a strap-on, however, is not to capitulate to feminine lack. Philosophers Judith Butler and Slavoj Zizek, informed by Freud via Jacques Lacan, articulate the difference between the penis and the phallus — between the male organ and the disembodied signifier of symbolic authority. “Because it is an idealization,” writes Butler, “…which no body can adequately approximate, the phallus is a transferable phantasm, and its naturalized link to masculine morphology can be called into question through an aggressive reterritorialization.” Rather than a totem of phallocentrism, the prosthetic penis is exposed as a transformative, pleasure-giving mechanism, a ligament that binds two partners in sexual communion. “The phallus,” Zizek quips, “is far too serious a thing for its use to be left to stupid creatures like men.”

My favourite photos from the exhibit are now posted in my photo gallery.  I love them! Enjoy 🙂




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