Letter from my pet

I wanted to thank you for another perfect session and share a few thoughts regarding our times together to date. From our very first session together to our last, you have carefully pushed my limits, helped me explore new fantasies, and experience things that I have only ever dreamed of. There are several things that I feel you do exceptionally well.


First, you are the perfect mix of beauty, intelligence, dominance, creativity, and playfulness. I have enjoyed every moment with you; and, have even felt quite proud (as much as a submissive chastity bound pet could feel) with you at my side….in a bar, at a park, at a Victoria’s Secret while picking things out for me to wear. You are fun and interesting to engage. You light up a room and command attention with your presence.


Second, you are exceptional at taking a fantasy and adding your own unique spin. It is clear to that in every instance, you have carefully incorporated all my ideas, while still surprising me and building off them. For example, when I met you in the park to share my “homework”, which included humiliating videos and pictures of tasks I was previously assigned, you were able to recall every single instruction and every detail I missed. What made it perfect was when you assigned me spankings for each detail resulting in me over your knee for a good 15 minutes in front of everyone in the park.


Third, as I said, you have pushed my limits beyond my imagination. For example, after that public spanking, you attached a collar and leash and led me on a humiliating crawl in that same crowded park. With me already dressed in women’s work out clothing and toes polished, it was excruciatingly humiliating. I would never have dreamed I could do it…..but you made it a realty. You also introduced me to electro, sounds, and consuming your perfect golden nectar.


Finally, you also know just when to ease off and give me a chance to adjust to complete submissiveness. For example, I remember when we had planned to meet at a crowded bar. As agreed, I was to arrive dressed in a sexy dress, heels, make-up, and wig and wait for you, not knowing how long you might be. I arrived on time but could not bring myself to change. I sat there for nearly 30 minutes trying to push myself to do it, but to no avail. You were quite disappointed, but you knew just how to re-wrap me around your little finger; and, by the end of the evening, I left fully dressed.


I truly want to thank you for all the experiences and memories you have helped me create. You are without a doubt the best Domme that I have ever seen. I only hope that I can continue to amuse and please you, as your faithful pet.


Impatiently waiting for the next time I have the honor of kneeling at your feet….


Your Pet

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