Review from a new slave

You were wonderful, best session of my life. Your only fourth pro Dom I have seen. I have had some extensive relationships with some amateurs. ( Girls I met that I saw, 8 – 12 times each various shopping sprees and sessions) I was kind of ‘topping from the bottom” I think with them. I have been pursuing my foot fetish for four years now, really enjoy true submission. Never have I really found what I have been looking for until today. At least 20 -25 different amateurs and the three pro’s and although some were great fun, none where exactly what I have been searching for until today. Thank you so much for taking a chance on me. I hope you are pleased and enjoyed yourself at my expense. The things you said to me right before climax are what I have ben craving to hear. That I belong to you, my possessions, my money, my credit cards, my entire life, all belong to you because you are superior to me in every way. You are prettier than I could have hoped for, you conducted the session so sensually with just a touch of wickedness at the right times which I loved. I do not know how to thank you for letting me live my fantasy with you. I beg you to let me see you again someday. Yes you can exploit me with your friends for your pleasure and for their pleasure. That would such a great adventure, to come to the city and be used by you and your friends. My life is yours now to control. Use me for whatever you need. I am your slave, for ever, or until you are done with me. Thank you oh Beautiful One, I will never forget you. It is not just your beauty (it could just be your beauty, your so hot) it is you exciting lifestyle, your personality, your intelligence. Everything about you is superior to me, you truly our a Goddess, and deserve to be treated as such. I exist in your world only to be of use to you. I hope you enjoy your trip to Europe, I hope you will remember your new foot slave when you return.

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