She took me to a place where I have never been before.

This is a feedback from a client after our recent session

Last night was my first session with Goddess Renee. It was also my first time in a dungeon. My experience with BDSM was limited to fetish out calls.

When I first saw her, my mind and other parts in my body jumped out of joy and expectations about the pleasure I will get. She is literally awesomeness.
The night before. I met another girl who did exactly what I asked her to do giving me a great pleasure. I literally spent 90 minutes in what I thought heaven . I got trampled, smothered, and humiliated and cleaned the bottoms of her 10 pairs of shoes, finally I cum with her bare feet smashing my face.
I expected the session with Goddess Renee to be even more awesome, AND to go as I planned and expected. Little did I knew!!
Goddess Renee asked me about what I like to do, then she told me to stop talking, resisting or expecting….
She started to torture me in her own way. She wouldn’t let me do anything I asked or expected. “It is not about you anymore, slave.. Shut up and take whatever I please to do to you”. She said.
I was handcuffed and blindfolded folded with her experience my pain tolerance on my nipples and balls. I was totally not enjoying it. I asked her to stop. I thought that night will not go as planned and I have wasted my time and money.
When she noticed my resistance, she explained to me that I had to earn worshipping her, and again, it is about her pleasure not mine.
Few minutes later, I lost all my power, expectations, and dignity. I surrendered to her completely without any reason that I could understand.
She rewarded me with some worship of shoes and feet, some trampling and spitting. But mostly I spent time doing things that pleased her, not me.
For the first time in my life, I felt the girl I paid money to dominate me actually enjoying to dominate and actually has expectations.
She enjoyed walking over my face and balls in a violent way that no girl ever dared to do to me before. She laughed a lot having me kissing the floor under her feet walking all over the room, massaging her feet, and god she enjoyed her heals digging into my nipples.

I was not enjoying all of that, but gradually, I started feeling something beyond enjoyment. I felt good when she enjoyed.

Coming to the end of the session, she asked me what I saw the craziest thing ever. She asked me to have an orgazem fucking the floor!!!!

I was like what??!!! I totally said in my mind that it is an end to a bad session. I will never do that, get dressed and leave immediately, and never see her again.

But.. Without any reason, I didn’t. I started fucking the floor while licking her shoes and being verbally abused, and I actually cum !!!

This session was a unique experience. I never expected in my wildest dreams to become that humiliated. Goddess Renee truly taught me what true submission is..
For me loving to be humiliated by hot ladies, I only experienced level 1  humiliation. This is when you just do so many humiliating that you like doing like licking shoes for example..
Level 2 is to do something humiliating against your will.
Level 3 is doing something humiliating against your will AND feel good about doing it….
It is something beyond physical attraction or even love. It is something divine. It is completely losing your power and surrender to a higher one.
Leaving her yesterday, I thought I am not likely to come back. But the session and what happened are stuck in my mind since then. I can’t stop thinking about it. She took me to a place that I have never went before. She humiliated me and owned me in a way that no one ever did to me.
Somehow I want to worship her. Continue to please her. Some how I want to serve her more without any explanations. Some how she owned my entire self. I’d do anything for her pleasure if she demands. I want to see her again and again. With no expectations at all. Without any red lines. I would let her do anything to me.
Maybe this is what we all search for. A higher power to submit to. I do believe in God. Maybe this is the way God wants us to worship? Complete surrender?
 But maybe we need to actually feel that way to a human being to know God and feel him better.

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